Apr 09

In this week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff, Kyle and Joe go all over the map with random topics once again.  As always the Game Seers share what they’ve been playing this week.  Resident Evil 5 comes up again along with some Sheva side boob. The Game Seers talk about Wolverine, and what people have who have seen the leaked copy thought.  Jeff and Ryan’s ebay woes.  Aaron files his taxes.  Jeff likes the new Eminem video…..  Other random things happen too.  Check it out, while gaming content may be a bit slim this week laughter certainly has a hardy helping.

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Sep 10

Aaron, Ryan, Jeff and Kyle discuss some of their all time favorite games on basically every console; a light hearted talk about the death(?) of Kim Jong Il; the Dark Knight; holding your Wii (or Pii) for wayyyy too long; Call of Duty 4 (like always) – all in all, another week in Game Seertopia.

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Sep 03

In this episode Aaron and Ryan are joined by two new game Seers, Kyle and Jeff as well as a return appearance from Joe Wesolowski. Kyle and Jeff discuss their top 3 favorite games though Joe thinks Morrowind sucks. Technical difficulties ravage the Game Seers, still hilarity ensues. Join us for this weeks episode! Don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes!

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