May 22

The Game Seers are joined by Game Over’s Javi Rodriguez this week – topics include:
– A New Tony Hawk Game and one more Retarded Peripheral you’ll never use.
– A new Uncharted 2 video.
– New DLC for Fallout 3, and soon DLC coming for the PS3 version.
– Swine Flu scares the Japanese away from E3.
– Punchout! ~ A reason to touch your Wii again.
– Angels and Demons, a pretty good movie.
– Game Franchises ~ Ones we want back, ones we want dead.
– Transformers 2 Trailer thoughts.

all this and more – please Enjoy and spread the word to your friends, families and enemies too.

Links to things mentioned:
Project Trico Video
Uncharted 2 video
Ball Cancer Punchout! Boxers
Marvel vs Capcom Whiz

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May 08

The Game Seers are giving away a copy of Dead Space for the 360 for FREE – learn how to get it, listen!

Ryan, Aaron and Jeff talk games and movies this week in a new organized format with complete chapter goodness.  Here’s what happened this week:

00:45 – Gaming News
________(XBox 360/PS3) Red Dead Redemption – Looks amazing!
________(Industry News) 3D Realms No More {No Duke Nukem}
________(All Major Platforms) Inundated with Guitar Hero/Rock Band
________(XBox 360) Motion Controls? Wii Knockoff?
________(XBox 360) 1 vs 100
15:57 – What the Game Seers Play
________Ryan – Devil May Cry 4 / Peggle
________Aaron – Peggle / Call of Duty 4
________Jeff – Call of Duty: WaW / Peggle
25:15 – Reader Mail
________Favorite Console & Favorite Game?
________Resident Evil 5 & Franchise
33:21 – Movies
________Frost Nixon
________Marley and Me
________Bedtime Stories
37:03 – Contest & Farewell
________How you can win a copy of Dead Space!

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Apr 22

The Game Seers strike back this week!  Aaron gets all 1,000 achievement points in Assassin’s Creed and Ryan finally got around to beating it since the last Episode, this of course sparks a discussion about Assassin’s Creed which somehow starts the tangent for this week.  Essentially this Episode goes something like this, Assassin’s Creed -> Bioshock 2 and possible Bioshock Movie? -> Video Game movie philosophy -> Mary Jane on the way to legalization in New York? -> Investing in Fast Food stocks the day after its legalized ->  Canadian Bacon / Bacon -> Ryan prefers sausage (no homo) -> Peggle -> Barack Obama Inauguration Photograph and the headless man.

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Apr 09

In this week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff, Kyle and Joe go all over the map with random topics once again.  As always the Game Seers share what they’ve been playing this week.  Resident Evil 5 comes up again along with some Sheva side boob. The Game Seers talk about Wolverine, and what people have who have seen the leaked copy thought.  Jeff and Ryan’s ebay woes.  Aaron files his taxes.  Jeff likes the new Eminem video…..  Other random things happen too.  Check it out, while gaming content may be a bit slim this week laughter certainly has a hardy helping.

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Mar 26

The Game Seers return after a week off and dive into Resident Evil 5 ***BEWARE OF SPOILERS*** – they also talk about the latest patch for the Wii which enables file swapping with SD cards and wonder if it is too little too late, and what Nintendo’s true motives are.  All around butterfly good feelings when it comes to the upcoming remake/release of Punch Out! for the Wii.  Bioshock 2?  Perhaps Biowaste?  Time will tell.  All this and more awaits in Episode 29!

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Mar 11

This week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff and Joe run with the show.  Ryan finally gets his hands on a game again (XBox 360/Wii), Jeff loves Madworld (Wii), Aaron is making a glock in Little Big Planet (PS3) and Joe is into Skate 2 (XBox 360).  Ryan and Aaron were watching the Watchmen, neither was overly impressed with the flick though – some spoilers here so be careful!  The guys also talk movies, skateboarding, fat girls, hacking and bailouts.

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Dec 12

Aaron (AKA Mr. IGN Freelancer) was too cool to record this week, and Jeff likely drunk somewhere in a ditch — but still, the show must go on!  Ryan and Kyle wing it talking about their picks for Game of the Year, the Wii’s niche, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, and Fable 2.

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Dec 08

Finally, another great success for the Wii!  While Wii titles that are genuinely all around good seemingly come far too infrequently, Wario Land: Shake It! was well worth the wait!  Immediately when you pop the game into your Wii you’ll be stepping into the time machine and will feel like you’re back in the golden days of Nintendo.  Wario Land: Shake It (from here on out WLSI) builds upon the great successes of past Nintendo titles without distorting it beyond recognition or fun by excessive use of the Wii’s features.  What I mean by this is that the controls will feel extremely intuitive.  Everything works exactly as you think it would – if you play any Wii games at all you know that this is becoming less and less common.  You hold the Wiimote sideways and use the buttons like a simple NES title.  While there is some waggle involved it isn’t to the point where it is over done.  For instance, to get the coins out of a bag of money you shake the Wiimote until the bag is empty.  A quick downward flick of the Wiimote will make Wario blast at the ground which is necessary throughout the game to solve the puzzles of each stage and find the treasures hidden within.

While the game is of course not in HD – it still will look great on an HDTV with the Nintendo component cables.  The actual artwork and graphics of the game are quite impressive!  The cartoonish style images are colorful, fun, and pretty straight forward.  The game looks and feels a lot like Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land for the original Game Boy.  Wario will use familiar moves like jumping up and smashing the ground or charging into enemies and breakable bricks.  What the game does not have are the various power up hats, which really doesn’t detract from the game experience as every power Wario does have is all you’ll need.  Each level has 3 treasures hidden within — trying to find them all is a rewarding experience alone.  You’ll need to think on your feet to solve puzzles while meanwhile trying to make it to the end of the level before time runs out.  The game features a Super Mario Land 3 (NES) map system with a boss at the end of each world.  Each level also has challenges built in such as collecting X amount of gold coins, avoid falling into water, so on and so forth – which continues to add into the reply factor.  While the game is not very hard, to actually get the full extent you will need to put time and thought into it.

Like any Nintendo game, an outstanding sound track will play you along in your journey as Wario to accumulate mass wealth and treasure.  Not only does the music really add to the game but simple sound effects are pretty good too – while they may not be the most inventive, they fit.

Overall, Wario Land: Shake It! is most definitely worth the buy for the upcoming holiday season, it is bound to please everyone who owns a Wii!

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Oct 30

This week the Game Seers talk about World of Goo, Wario Land: Shake It and Fallout 3. Mike Frangione rejoins the Game Seers from the safety of a closet and Joe says 1 word. Join us once again for this week’s episode!

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Oct 25

OK I’ll admit it; I don’t play my Wii very often. To be totally honest, it’s been months. Sad, isn’t it? That there has been so little to draw my attention to Nintendo’s console in the past few months. With the advancements we’ve seen in games recently, it’s been harder and harder to stay interested in Nintendo’s distinctively ”last generation” gaming machine. But recently something has caught my attention and pulled me back in. I’m sure you’ve heard it — the internet’s collective song of praise for a little WiiWare title called ‘World Of Goo‘. You’ve heard it, right? Well I’m adding my voice to the chorus. World of Goo is incredible. The simple game mechanics combined with incredibly creative puzzles and a uniquely beautiful art direction make for a game that’s impossible not to love.

The basic premise of World of Goo is simple; your goal is to get a certain number of goo balls to an exit pipe, while using those same goo balls to build the structure that delivers the balls to the pipe. When you begin a level there will be a base structure to build off of. The standard goo ball can be attached to two nearby points to form a triangle. With enough goo balls you can build almost anything. The game has a very advanced physics engine, so these structures will react realistically to the forces of gravity. The shapes are solid, but by no means rigid. Since they are made of goo, the forms will bend and sway as gravity takes hold. If a single joint in the structure is put under too much pressure, it will eventually crumble. It becomes a literal balancing act between the architectural integrity and weight of your goo structure. All the while you must keep in mind the number of goo balls you have to work with and how many have to be delivered safely to the exit pipe in order to complete the stage.

Throughout the game you’ll be introduced to many different “species” of goo, many of which have special attributes. Some can be taken apart and reassembled. Others can stick to walls or touch dangerous surfaces. Some burn, some explode, some hang limp, some float like balloons. You’ll have to use the specialty of each type of goo to get through the level and achieve your goal. Every type of goo is used in imaginative ways that only get more ingenious as the game progresses. As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, the game throws something at you that will force you to use a type of goo in a way you never thought of before. You’ll be using new techniques right up until the last stage.

The game has incredible style. The art direction is somewhere between Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton. Every chapter has an overarching visual theme, and every stage is unique enough that you will never feel like you’re in the same place twice. There are times where you will be amazed that you are playing a WiiWare game. It would be nice to see these graphics in HD, but in all honesty, you will not notice unless you make a point to. There are certain levels in the game that are stunningly beautiful, not just in a graphical sense, but as a genuine piece of art. The visuals are crisp, clean, and colorful, and it works perfectly with this type of game.

The music in World of Goo is just as impressive. There are a lot of different styles represented here. Some tracks remind me of epic movie scores, while others seem to take another page out of the Tim Burton library. The main theme is very reminiscent of Beatlejuice. Certain areas, the windmill stage for example, work incredibly well as a combination of music and visual art. It really is amazing. Sometimes you have to take a second to soak it all in. Like the levels themselves, there is so much variety in the music. You will never get sick of these themes.

Though this game is mostly about puzzle solving, there are bits and pieces of a story that ties the whole thing together. These little details are delivered through signs located around the stages. They consist mostly of the observations and insights of the unnamed sign painter, and they often add a touch of humor to the game. They’ve even snuck a few geeky jokes in there that are sure to get a chuckle for those in the know. They have no reservations about breaking the 4th wall either. On one occasion the sign painter even pokes fun at the fact that the game doesn’t run in HD. On another sign he mentions how life seems to be nothing more than a big physics demo. It all helps add to the charm of the world, making the game build up it’s own personality that sets it apart from the competition.

Worlf of Goo will take you between four to six hours to complete on your first attempt, but that’s not to say you couldn’t sink many more hours into the title. After you finish the main game, you can go back and try to finish the special “OCD” challenge in each level. These include collecting a certain number of goos in a given level or finishing in under a certain amount of time. These challenges will certainly have you scratching your head, and maybe even pulling out your hair on occasion. They’re extremely difficult, and will keep you busy for a very long time. At the end of the game there is also a special area unlocked where you can go and try to build the tallest possible tower of goo. You can see the top scores of other individuals around the world and try to beat their records. You use the extra goo you rescued from the entirety of the game here, which gives you more incentive to go back and try to finish every stage as efficiently as possible. It’s amazing what you can build when you have several hundred goo balls at your disposal. It is a shame though that there is almost no information given about the record holders around the world. The only thing you know about these individuals is their country of origin. This kind of takes some of the thrill out of going for the world record, knowing that no one will ever know it was you. This is most likely a result of Nintendo’s limited online functionality, so it‘s hard to hold this against the game. In the end it’s still a welcome addition.

All of this adds up to an amazing package that’s a steal at only $15. World Of Goo is not only the best WiiWare game to date, it’s one of the best Wii games period. Its simple, addictive gameplay design may be hard to describe, but by the time you finish the first stage, you‘ll realize what all the fuss was about. You owe it to yourself to play this game, even if it means hooking up your Wii for the first time in months. Just do it — you’ll be happy you did.

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