Apr 22

The Game Seers strike back this week!  Aaron gets all 1,000 achievement points in Assassin’s Creed and Ryan finally got around to beating it since the last Episode, this of course sparks a discussion about Assassin’s Creed which somehow starts the tangent for this week.  Essentially this Episode goes something like this, Assassin’s Creed -> Bioshock 2 and possible Bioshock Movie? -> Video Game movie philosophy -> Mary Jane on the way to legalization in New York? -> Investing in Fast Food stocks the day after its legalized ->  Canadian Bacon / Bacon -> Ryan prefers sausage (no homo) -> Peggle -> Barack Obama Inauguration Photograph and the headless man.

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Aug 20

In this Episode of Game Seers Aaron and Ryan are joined by special guest Joe Wesolowski, he’s an ambitious young chap full of ambition from the heartland of America – Bennington, Ny.  We discuss Gears of War, Civilization Revolution, Call of Duty 4, Skate, Mega Man 9, and Dead Space in our gaming related subjects.  We also talk briefly about the graphic novel and upcoming movie Watchmen, and the recently released Hulk movie.  Oh yeah, and we talk about a monkey raping a frog!  Please join us in this weeks episode of game seers!

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