Apr 09

In this week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff, Kyle and Joe go all over the map with random topics once again.  As always the Game Seers share what they’ve been playing this week.  Resident Evil 5 comes up again along with some Sheva side boob. The Game Seers talk about Wolverine, and what people have who have seen the leaked copy thought.  Jeff and Ryan’s ebay woes.  Aaron files his taxes.  Jeff likes the new Eminem video…..  Other random things happen too.  Check it out, while gaming content may be a bit slim this week laughter certainly has a hardy helping.

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Nov 20

It’s a full house this week on Game Seers – Ryan Kenward, Jeff Derrickson, Aaron Thornton, Mike Frangione, Joe Wesoloski, Kyle Baron and SuperDefective’s Ramesh Martyn all weigh in on the new XBox experience.  The Game Seers even manage to stay on task and actually talk about games!  Games receiving head nods this week are, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Fallout 3, Call of Duty: World at War and several others that are mentioned in passing.  We had a lot of fun this week and we hope you’ll have a lot of fun listening!

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Oct 22

In this weeks episode of Game Seers – the guys all talk about Dead Space, a whole lot of dead space.  As well as “the man” (Nintendo) – and their practices of late.  Lots of other random things happen as well, see this page ( to see a bunch of things we talked about.

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