May 22

The Game Seers are joined by Game Over’s Javi Rodriguez this week – topics include:
– A New Tony Hawk Game and one more Retarded Peripheral you’ll never use.
– A new Uncharted 2 video.
– New DLC for Fallout 3, and soon DLC coming for the PS3 version.
– Swine Flu scares the Japanese away from E3.
– Punchout! ~ A reason to touch your Wii again.
– Angels and Demons, a pretty good movie.
– Game Franchises ~ Ones we want back, ones we want dead.
– Transformers 2 Trailer thoughts.

all this and more – please Enjoy and spread the word to your friends, families and enemies too.

Links to things mentioned:
Project Trico Video
Uncharted 2 video
Ball Cancer Punchout! Boxers
Marvel vs Capcom Whiz

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Dec 12

Aaron (AKA Mr. IGN Freelancer) was too cool to record this week, and Jeff likely drunk somewhere in a ditch — but still, the show must go on!  Ryan and Kyle wing it talking about their picks for Game of the Year, the Wii’s niche, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, and Fable 2.

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Sep 25

Game Seers: Sub Episode XI.007

Podcast Comments Off on Game Seers: Sub Episode XI.007

Shortly after the release of Episode 11 Ryan remembers something very important and decides to release a sub episode!

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Sep 10

Aaron, Ryan, Jeff and Kyle discuss some of their all time favorite games on basically every console; a light hearted talk about the death(?) of Kim Jong Il; the Dark Knight; holding your Wii (or Pii) for wayyyy too long; Call of Duty 4 (like always) – all in all, another week in Game Seertopia.

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Sep 03

After putting out the request looking for a new co-host we received replies from a few very qualified individuals.  It was too difficult to pick just one so we decided to bring in 2 new hosts – without further delay I would like to announce our new hosts, Kyle Baron and Jeff Derrickson – who I am confident will be excellent additions!  In the upcoming episodes our listeners can expect more in depth conversations about a wider range of games and a more diverse opinion pool.  Additionally you can expect the occasional guest to drop in and share as well.  We’re still committed first and foremost to your entertainment!  Episode VIII will be released next week – please stay tuned.  Also the forums are online so come join us!

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