May 15

This week Game Seers mixes things up a bit with Aaron as host, of course being joined by Ryan, Jeff, and Kyle. Topics this week include Wii-DS connectivity, Kojima’s next project, Thief 4, Factor 5, Beyond Good and Evil, and you know we have all the latest info on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We’ll also answer some listener mail, and we’ll let you know how our contest from last week turned out. So sit down and prepare for the awesomeness that is Game Seers – Episode XXXIV!

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Oct 02

This week in GameSeertopia – the Game Seers talk about Grand Theft Auto 4 (Spoilers) – The Force Unleashed (More Spoilers) – Dead Space – Sneaky Snakes – Mega Man 9 – Grapes of Wrath 2 (complete with Great Depression 2) and a lot more!

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