May 08

The Game Seers are giving away a copy of Dead Space for the 360 for FREE – learn how to get it, listen!

Ryan, Aaron and Jeff talk games and movies this week in a new organized format with complete chapter goodness.  Here’s what happened this week:

00:45 – Gaming News
________(XBox 360/PS3) Red Dead Redemption – Looks amazing!
________(Industry News) 3D Realms No More {No Duke Nukem}
________(All Major Platforms) Inundated with Guitar Hero/Rock Band
________(XBox 360) Motion Controls? Wii Knockoff?
________(XBox 360) 1 vs 100
15:57 – What the Game Seers Play
________Ryan – Devil May Cry 4 / Peggle
________Aaron – Peggle / Call of Duty 4
________Jeff – Call of Duty: WaW / Peggle
25:15 – Reader Mail
________Favorite Console & Favorite Game?
________Resident Evil 5 & Franchise
33:21 – Movies
________Frost Nixon
________Marley and Me
________Bedtime Stories
37:03 – Contest & Farewell
________How you can win a copy of Dead Space!

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Oct 22

In this weeks episode of Game Seers – the guys all talk about Dead Space, a whole lot of dead space.  As well as “the man” (Nintendo) – and their practices of late.  Lots of other random things happen as well, see this page ( to see a bunch of things we talked about.

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Oct 15

This week in the Game Seers, Jeff and Ryan hate on De Blob.  Aaron talks in depth about his experience playing Call of Duty: World at War.  Lastly a teaser on Dead Space – more to come next week.

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Oct 02

This week in GameSeertopia – the Game Seers talk about Grand Theft Auto 4 (Spoilers) – The Force Unleashed (More Spoilers) – Dead Space – Sneaky Snakes – Mega Man 9 – Grapes of Wrath 2 (complete with Great Depression 2) and a lot more!

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Aug 20

In this Episode of Game Seers Aaron and Ryan are joined by special guest Joe Wesolowski, he’s an ambitious young chap full of ambition from the heartland of America – Bennington, Ny.  We discuss Gears of War, Civilization Revolution, Call of Duty 4, Skate, Mega Man 9, and Dead Space in our gaming related subjects.  We also talk briefly about the graphic novel and upcoming movie Watchmen, and the recently released Hulk movie.  Oh yeah, and we talk about a monkey raping a frog!  Please join us in this weeks episode of game seers!

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