Apr 23

In this much delayed Episode – Ryan, Jeff and Kyle talk about some of the high lights from E3 this year.  Nintendo goes back to the well and serves us left overs with New Super Mario Bros 2 (Wii) and the left overs which I will happily shut up and eat – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii).  Scribblenauts for the DS captures a victory with all of the Game Seers.  Microsoft impresses us with Project Natal unless you want to see the bottom of your Avatar’s shoe! Bam! Our prediction? 3 red lights! Milo intrigues us.  2010 looks like Play Station 3 may finally stop being an expensive bluray player and may be worth its own as a console with titles such as God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIV and more!  Jeff has played Ghost Busters for Wii, Kyle has played some PSP games and has uncovered the truth of Jesus’ resume and Ryan bids the audience a fond farewell as he departs from Game Seers to be a dad.