May 11

The long awaited reunion of the Game Seers!  This week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff and Chris (from the Multiverse) catch up on a year that went by all too fast.  We talk about all sorts of games to include Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, Call of Duty and Scribblenauts.  We also talk about movies, like GAYvatar, Where the Wild Things Are and the Hurt Locker.  We’re looking forward to returning to the old swing of things.  We’ll see you at E3!

Apr 23

In this much delayed Episode – Ryan, Jeff and Kyle talk about some of the high lights from E3 this year.  Nintendo goes back to the well and serves us left overs with New Super Mario Bros 2 (Wii) and the left overs which I will happily shut up and eat – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii).  Scribblenauts for the DS captures a victory with all of the Game Seers.  Microsoft impresses us with Project Natal unless you want to see the bottom of your Avatar’s shoe! Bam! Our prediction? 3 red lights! Milo intrigues us.  2010 looks like Play Station 3 may finally stop being an expensive bluray player and may be worth its own as a console with titles such as God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIV and more!  Jeff has played Ghost Busters for Wii, Kyle has played some PSP games and has uncovered the truth of Jesus’ resume and Ryan bids the audience a fond farewell as he departs from Game Seers to be a dad.

May 22

The Game Seers are joined by Game Over’s Javi Rodriguez this week – topics include:
– A New Tony Hawk Game and one more Retarded Peripheral you’ll never use.
– A new Uncharted 2 video.
– New DLC for Fallout 3, and soon DLC coming for the PS3 version.
– Swine Flu scares the Japanese away from E3.
– Punchout! ~ A reason to touch your Wii again.
– Angels and Demons, a pretty good movie.
– Game Franchises ~ Ones we want back, ones we want dead.
– Transformers 2 Trailer thoughts.

all this and more – please Enjoy and spread the word to your friends, families and enemies too.

Links to things mentioned:
Project Trico Video
Uncharted 2 video
Ball Cancer Punchout! Boxers
Marvel vs Capcom Whiz

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May 08

The Game Seers are giving away a copy of Dead Space for the 360 for FREE – learn how to get it, listen!

Ryan, Aaron and Jeff talk games and movies this week in a new organized format with complete chapter goodness.  Here’s what happened this week:

00:45 – Gaming News
________(XBox 360/PS3) Red Dead Redemption – Looks amazing!
________(Industry News) 3D Realms No More {No Duke Nukem}
________(All Major Platforms) Inundated with Guitar Hero/Rock Band
________(XBox 360) Motion Controls? Wii Knockoff?
________(XBox 360) 1 vs 100
15:57 – What the Game Seers Play
________Ryan – Devil May Cry 4 / Peggle
________Aaron – Peggle / Call of Duty 4
________Jeff – Call of Duty: WaW / Peggle
25:15 – Reader Mail
________Favorite Console & Favorite Game?
________Resident Evil 5 & Franchise
33:21 – Movies
________Frost Nixon
________Marley and Me
________Bedtime Stories
37:03 – Contest & Farewell
________How you can win a copy of Dead Space!

Download Enhanced Format

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May 02

This week the Game Seers do some hating on Comcast, discuss Wolverine and other comic book movies, Peggle, Horror Games, Rock Lobsters, Dead Space, and some Classic gaming.  As always, please submit your questions, comments, bitching and or griping to  Enjoy the show!

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Apr 22

The Game Seers strike back this week!  Aaron gets all 1,000 achievement points in Assassin’s Creed and Ryan finally got around to beating it since the last Episode, this of course sparks a discussion about Assassin’s Creed which somehow starts the tangent for this week.  Essentially this Episode goes something like this, Assassin’s Creed -> Bioshock 2 and possible Bioshock Movie? -> Video Game movie philosophy -> Mary Jane on the way to legalization in New York? -> Investing in Fast Food stocks the day after its legalized ->  Canadian Bacon / Bacon -> Ryan prefers sausage (no homo) -> Peggle -> Barack Obama Inauguration Photograph and the headless man.

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Apr 09

In this week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff, Kyle and Joe go all over the map with random topics once again.  As always the Game Seers share what they’ve been playing this week.  Resident Evil 5 comes up again along with some Sheva side boob. The Game Seers talk about Wolverine, and what people have who have seen the leaked copy thought.  Jeff and Ryan’s ebay woes.  Aaron files his taxes.  Jeff likes the new Eminem video…..  Other random things happen too.  Check it out, while gaming content may be a bit slim this week laughter certainly has a hardy helping.

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Mar 26

The Game Seers return after a week off and dive into Resident Evil 5 ***BEWARE OF SPOILERS*** – they also talk about the latest patch for the Wii which enables file swapping with SD cards and wonder if it is too little too late, and what Nintendo’s true motives are.  All around butterfly good feelings when it comes to the upcoming remake/release of Punch Out! for the Wii.  Bioshock 2?  Perhaps Biowaste?  Time will tell.  All this and more awaits in Episode 29!

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Mar 11

This week Ryan, Aaron, Jeff and Joe run with the show.  Ryan finally gets his hands on a game again (XBox 360/Wii), Jeff loves Madworld (Wii), Aaron is making a glock in Little Big Planet (PS3) and Joe is into Skate 2 (XBox 360).  Ryan and Aaron were watching the Watchmen, neither was overly impressed with the flick though – some spoilers here so be careful!  The guys also talk movies, skateboarding, fat girls, hacking and bailouts.

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Mar 09

In this missing link of Game Seers history, Ryan and Aaron are reunited in New York and attempt to do a video podcast… unfortunately, it was too hard to actually do and nothing happened, seriously… nothing.  Still, we bring you Episode 26!