Feb 03

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Feb 26

Write to us!  GAMESEERS@GMAIL.COM – We read everything we get and if you write something especially good we’ll even read it right on the show!  It gives us something to do, so help us entertain you by talking to us!  We’re kind of nice people!

Feb 26

Everyone head over to KILLSCREEN.CA and support Kyle Baron’s side project!

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Feb 05

Currently Ryan has returned to the US after a year in Korea and is now making his way across the country from New York to California with his beautiful wife heading towards their new home.  We will be in a short hiatus until he gets settled in.  A video episode with Ryan and Aaron has been recorded and will be posted as soon as Ryan gets time to edit it.  Until then take care and enjoy the reruns!

Oct 16

For those who haven’t heard in Episode 14 yet, while working on the photo version of Episode 13 my MacBook froze up and I lost all of my work.  I haven’t had another opportunity to really work on it yet, and even if I had the time I’m not sure which program I should use.  iMovie isn’t doing what I want.  Does anyone know much about Final Cut express?  Or any other good Mac editting programs?  Better yet — is anyone interested in making this?

– Ryan

17 Oct 08 – Update:  I ordered Final Cut for my Mac… hopefully within a week I will have it and can finish this!

Oct 07

Tune into us this week when Episode 13 goes online to learn how to win a free copy of Condemned 2 for XBox 360. One of the requirements is you must be a registered user on our forums – so get to it!

Sep 03

After putting out the request looking for a new co-host we received replies from a few very qualified individuals.  It was too difficult to pick just one so we decided to bring in 2 new hosts – without further delay I would like to announce our new hosts, Kyle Baron and Jeff Derrickson – who I am confident will be excellent additions!  In the upcoming episodes our listeners can expect more in depth conversations about a wider range of games and a more diverse opinion pool.  Additionally you can expect the occasional guest to drop in and share as well.  We’re still committed first and foremost to your entertainment!  Episode VIII will be released next week – please stay tuned.  Also the forums are online so come join us!

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