Feb 03

<Foreboding message here>

May 05

Vagary.TV is hosting a new show – go check it out!

The Perfectly Sane Show

Mar 27

We interrupt our regular content to provide an important public service announcement about a terrible veterinarian clinic located in Marysville, California – please see the following page. Pet Owners Beware

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Mar 23

Hello listeners, the Game Seers site has picked up another great new show – its called Game Over hosted by Javi Rodriguez — head over to,
and check it out!

Feb 26

Write to us!  GAMESEERS@GMAIL.COM – We read everything we get and if you write something especially good we’ll even read it right on the show!  It gives us something to do, so help us entertain you by talking to us!  We’re kind of nice people!

Feb 26

Everyone head over to KILLSCREEN.CA and support Kyle Baron’s side project!

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Feb 05

Currently Ryan has returned to the US after a year in Korea and is now making his way across the country from New York to California with his beautiful wife heading towards their new home.  We will be in a short hiatus until he gets settled in.  A video episode with Ryan and Aaron has been recorded and will be posted as soon as Ryan gets time to edit it.  Until then take care and enjoy the reruns!

Nov 02

I’m psyched to announce a new Podcast will be joining forces with us here – from Australia it’s Super Defective! Their site is currently under construction and their previous 9 episodes will be available too. Please give them a warm welcome!

– Ryan

Oct 30

Skype Link ***

*** You will need to install Skype to chat with us, show time is every Thursday at 12 AM EST. However, today’s show (Episode 16) will be 12 AM EST Friday 31 Oct 2008. Please feel free to join us.

– Ryan

Oct 16

For those who haven’t heard in Episode 14 yet, while working on the photo version of Episode 13 my MacBook froze up and I lost all of my work.  I haven’t had another opportunity to really work on it yet, and even if I had the time I’m not sure which program I should use.  iMovie isn’t doing what I want.  Does anyone know much about Final Cut express?  Or any other good Mac editting programs?  Better yet — is anyone interested in making this?

– Ryan

17 Oct 08 – Update:  I ordered Final Cut for my Mac… hopefully within a week I will have it and can finish this!