Who the hell are we?
— Good question, we like to refer to ourselves as the Game Seers. If you ask why? We don’t really know other than it sounded like a good idea at the time.

What is the point?
— How very observant – while some may argue there is no point, I argue – there is very little point. We are just 2 guys who like video games, movies, girls, music… stuff like that – we discuss is openly and let people listen in and give feedback.

What is the release schedule?
— New episodes are scheduled for release every Friday, unless the apocalypse comes up or one of us has a hot date (neither is very likely)


Who is Aaron Thornton AKA Altoidyoda?
— Aaron Thornton is a disgruntled hardware store genius, with all the ambition and drive to become an internet millionaire off of his endless wealth of rantings.
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Who the hell is Ryan Kenward AKA RyanKenward (no cool name…)?
— Ryan Kenward (whom you should all ready have heard of at some point in your life if you are anyone) is currently an Airman in the worlds finest Air Force (Hint: Not Argentina’s) – he writes, produces, and acts in his own podcast as well as works on this one. He also is the owner/founder/administrator/coffee guy of Vagary.TV.
He is married.
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Joseph Wesolowski

Joe grew up in the heartland of America – Bennington, New York along with host Ryan Kenward.  He’s a corn fed American, loves skateboarding and making movies.  Check out some of the things Joe does on the web.  Joe has appeared in Episode 6 of Game Seers in place of Shigeru Miyamoto (momomoto)
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Kyle Baron
Kyle’s a Canadian. He works at a game store. He also likes Beer (see first fact (He’s Canadian))
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Jeff Derrickson

Jeff lives in Chicago, and he likes games, cigarettes and beer.
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